Our Materials

Thoughtfully designed with materials that come from the ground.

Fuse sneakers are intentionally designed to take us back to our roots, to materials that nature has provided to us and that can safely go back to it. We are saying NO to plastic, NO to man made synthetics, NO to toxic chemicals and NO to Mass Production!

Organic cotton: A cleaner option

Nothing beats organic cotton that already exists in nature. Organic cotton fiber is a natural material that does not require heavy chemical processing to mill to fabric, and is grown without any pesticides, making it the safest material and fabric for farmers, factory workers, the environment and you! Enjoy the comfort and breathability of this natural material that is made to last and is completely biodegradable!

Good for people. Good for the planet. Good for you.

Wild Rubber

The soles of our sneakers are made of FSC certified natural rubber that ensures sustainable management of the world’s forest. All parts are bonded with non-toxic latex milk and hand stitched.

Our Factory Partners

Fair trade movement creates long term economic opportunities for the workers and you become a part of it with a fair trade purchase. We are happy to have partnered with a responsible factory in Pakistan that was the first to sign “No child labor” policy, ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages and equal opportunity for its workers.
Additionally, we pay a 10% premium on each sneaker we produce directly into a workers fund which is spent on workers local needs like education and healthcare.

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