Our  Artisans

One of a kind handcrafted sneakers

We believe in the power of transparency, connection, and human touch.  Each of our sneakers is expertly crafted by skilled artisans, using time-honored techniques and the purest natural materials. The result is a unique work of art, a shoe with a soul and a story to tell.


Our Designs

Each sneaker is carefully designed at our headquarters in San Francisco. The artwork for all our sneakers is designed by our in-house designers or brought to life in collaboration with local, San Francisco based artists.

Interested in artwork collaboration or a bespoke piece? Email us: info@aksfairtrade.com.

Our Artisans

Our hand embroidered collection is a fusion of a heritage craft and modern design crafted by artisans from the oldest trading centers along the silk route, now called Multan. With a rich history in hand embroidery from the Mogul era, we give you direct access to the artisans who bring their decades of technical experience creating luxury masterpieces that are worthy of preservation.

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