We make shoes that make a difference.

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What are we made of?

 AKS was started with a simple idea that the products we buy and sell are connected to the livelihoods of others and that our conscious choices have the power to build a better world. 

We wanted a hip sustainable sneaker

It all started with a travel trip when we started looking for sustainable sneakers for ourselves. There were very limited sustainable shoe options in the market and what we found we frankly bland and boring.

So we went to the finest hand embroiderers of the world

And founded a small co-op to give you access to luxurious hand embroidery without the mark-up of big fashion houses, while ensuring maximum benefit goes to the makers.

Our Mission couldn’t stop there.

Not when the farmers who grow our cotton, the women who pick it, the waterways that absorb soil residues, the factories producing our fashion, and the landfills that bare their burden for 30-40 years at the end of life are all part of your shoes. We knew we had to do more.

We built a proprietary Value chain

So we spent the last 3 years building a proprietary value chain partnering with responsible factories in the fair trade network and linked them with the finest artisans and farmers, to bring you a shoe that we can guarantee has a fair and clean chain from the seed to end of life.

Designed in San Francisco, Hand crafted in Pakistan

Seed to stitch we have a clean supply chain

What are we made of?

  • We are made of art and design,
  • Our beliefs and our values,
  • Our present hopes and future desires,
  • We are made of earth friendly materials and a purpose to create an inclusive world through meaningful fashion and art.
  • Because what we are made of matters.


I like having things that are unique, that I can’t find at the mall or your local retail store. Why pay to be ordinary, when I could have something that stands on its own? I appreciate how the designs are produced individually and how each is different in its own way because it isn’t being mass produced by a machine, but rather by human hands. Luis Ruano San Francisco

I wore the shoes all day, I have super high arches and its usually difficult to find shoes for high arches so, glad to say that these are the ones. I was very comfortable in them all day. They fit perfectly, great arch support. Awesome, unique shoe and I'm excited for them to hit the market Chase Sacramento

I love these. The colors are so rich and deep and the embroidery is so unique. I don’t spend a lot on my fashion but these make me feel good about every penny spent. Lookin good and feeling better 🙂 Reem Bilbeisi San Francisco

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